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Giving to Friends of NCHS

The National Center for History in the Schools, which is almost entirely self-sustaining, has received donations from a number of generous supporters.  We do not use these contributions for operating expenses or staff salaries, but to support outreach programs or new publications.

Our outreach programs include our college connection partnership with the School of History and Dramatic Arts (SoHDA) which helps inspire the mostly first-generation student population prepare for entrance to college. Sometimes even a small donation of $100 or so allows a student to pay application or registration fees for college applications and/or admission. Gifts to NCHS also help us to place undergraduate students at the school to counsel and tutor students. [See K-12 School programs for more information.]

NCHS is looking to expand their success with SoHDA and past successes with Franklin High School by developing programs with teachers and students as such schools as Sacred Heart High School in Lincoln Heights, California, the UCLA Community School in downtown Los Angeles, and Henry Clay Middle School in South Central Los Angeles.

You can donate to the "Friends of NCHS" by visiting the donor site: Friends of NCHS or by sending a check made out to "UCLA Foundation" addressed to:

Department of History
6265 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1473